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The new Italian Tier-0, available for Italian and European research community. It has been co-designed by Cineca on the Lenovo NeXtScale architecture. It is equipped with the new Intel Xeon processors and it will reach a performance of about 20 PFlop/s
A series of partnership agreement between INFN and CINECA are in place to enhance the research in computational Physics in Italy. One of this has completed a series of simulations of the merger of binary Neutron Stars.
We regularly published statistics about Cineca Clusters Utilization, Cineca Users and the Scientific Publications supported by Cineca and by PRACE

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The new CINECA Tier-0 cluster, Marconi, starts its production phase today, Monday July 4th. It gives the scientific community access to a technologically advanced, energy-efficient HPC solution.
Three Cineca systems Fermi, Marconi and Galileo are ranked in the June 2016 Top500 list. In this list are ranked 5 Italian systems, 3 by Cineca and 2 by ENI, but these system are managed by Cineca too.
Lenovo at ISC unveiled a new technical framework for integrating its advanced server and storage portfolio with technologies from industry-leading partners to create powerful High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. Lenovo showcased the first deployment using this framework: the “MARCONI” Supercomputer for Cineca.