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Marconi-KNL: disabilitation of routing queues knl and knltest for job submissions


Dear Users,

following yesterday's news on the activation of the Account check for KNL jobs, that modification requests the disabilitation of the routing queue "knl" and "knltest" (defined on the PBS server of Marconi-A1 and in charge of moving the jobs to Marconi-A2 queues).

These queues have been stopped (hence, no more jobs will be accepted if submitted to these two queues); you can now either load the env-knl module (which allows skipping the queue selection, unless a special or restricted queue is requested)

module load env-knl

or change the directive

#PBS -q <queue> 

in order to directly address the KNL queues. 

The new configuration does not affect the jobs submitted in the old fashion and now queueing for run on A2: they will not be removed and will regularly run when expected. 

Please note that, from now on, Eurofusion users need to submit their jobs to the dedicated queue "xfuaknlprod".

Please refer to our news on the change in jobs submission to the KNL (A2) partition for details on how to submit jobs on the KNL nodes, and to our online Guide to Marconi for additional explanations. 

Best regards

HPC User Support @ CINECA