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Marconi-KNL: enforcement of node configuration to cache/quadrant


Dear Users,

as previously announced, all the MARCONI-KNL nodes in the general production queue (knlroute, serving the knldebug and knlprod) are undergoing a massive reconfiguration to be set in the cache/quadrant modes. The operation is nearly complete, and all queueing jobs requesting different mcdram/numa resources cannot run anymore. In order to guarantee the correct functioning of the scheduler, all jobs requiring mcdram=flat, and numa different from quadrant, will be deleted in the next hours.

If interested to keep such queueing jobs, you can alter the selected resources using the "qalter" command like follows (adapted to your specific requests):

qalter <-l select=XX:ncpus=68:mpiprocs=YY:mem=93GB:mcdram=cache:numa=quadrant>  <job_id>

where XX=number of requested chunks, YY= number of mpi processes per chunk. Please note that the maximum allowed memory in the cache mode is 93GB, and the <job_id> needs to be specified as <job_number>.r064u06s01 if you load the env-knl module, or <job_number>.r064u06s01@knl1 if you don't use the env-knl module.

Best regards,

HPC User Support @ CINECA