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New SkyLake partition on MARCONI


Dear users,

It is a pleasure for us to announce that the third and final partition of our Tier-0 system MARCONI, will go into production next Monday (Aug, 7th, 2017). 

Marconi-A3 is a cluster based on the last Intel technology, Intel Xeon Skylake, 2*24 core, 2.1 GHz, 192 GB of memory, with a peak performance of about 7.5 PFlops.  It  will share login nodes and storage with the other Marconi partitions (A1, A2, Marconi-fusion). With this last addition, the MARCONI system will reach an overall peak performance of about 20 Pflops.

PLEASE note that only the first part of the A3 partition  (1512 nodes) is in production for now, and that it is for exclusive use of the EUROfusion community. The second part, opened to the Italian and European scientific community, will be made available in the next few months and will complete the MARCONI infrastructure.

Further info on our web site: