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HPC training events 2017
COURSE NAMEBolognaRomeMilan
Programming paradigms for GPU devices 01/03 March 
Introduction to modern Fortran18/21 September13/16 March22/25 May
High Performance Molecular Dynamics13/15 September05/07 April 
HPC Numerical Libraries10/12 April  
Debugging and Optimization of Scientific Applications27/29 November19/21 April 
Introduction to R for data analytics26/27 April  
Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing in C25/27 October03/05 May24/26 January
Python for computational science16/18 October10/12 May08/10 February
Introduction to Parallel Computing with MPI and OpenMP22/24 February29/31 May22/24 November
Parallel I/O and management of large scientific data 05/07 June 
HPC Methods for Engineering Applications  19/21 June
Scientific Visualization for Computational Chemistry27/29 September  
Python for Massive Data Processing19/20 October  
Introduction to Marconi KNL Cluster, for users and developers20 March23 October21 April
Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing in C++ 08/10 November26/28 April
HPC methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Astrophysics13/15 November  
Material Science codes on innovative HPC architectures: targeting exascale04/06 December  
High Performance Bioinformatics 13/15 December 
SCHOOL NAMEBolognaRomeMilan
School of Scientific Visualization for Chemistry 16/20 January 
13th Advanced School on Parallel Computing13/17 February  
3rd School On Scientific Data Analytics and Visualization 12/16 June 
26th Summer School on Parallel Computing15/26 May10/21 July 
13th Advanced School on Computer Graphics for Cultural Heritage09/13 October  

In evidence: a new website is available for registration and informations about HPC courses https://eventi.cineca.it/en/hpc
Registration will open about three months before the course/school starts.

Training material for all the courses held by SCAI department are available here.

SCAI offers several training opportunities focused on a variety of topics to support Italian and worldwide computational scientists in their research activity.

With its long-lasting training tradition, the Cineca HPC Department is now also one of the 6 PRACE PATCs (PRACE Advanced Training Centres) that enable the European research community to utilise the computational infrastructure available. Therefore our training offer includes several events sponsored by the European Project PRACE-3IP, they are labelled as PATC events.

In some 40 years of activity, Cineca gained a wide expertise of the most advanced tools for the utilization at best of the supercomputing systems.

This knowledge is available to our users by mean of a large offer of consultancy services and specialized training paths. A huge number of training events are organized every year to enable our users in the usage and exploitation of the available technologies and architectures. 

The experience and expertise of our technical staff allow us also to respond to special training requests, adapting the structure and the contents of the courses or schools to the users' need.

We also collaborate continuously with some vendors in exploring and testing new technologies for HPC (NVIDIA GPU, Intel MIC).

Our vocation on sharing knowledge in the field of High Performance Computing is especially realized by the Summer and Advanced Schools (on Parallel Computing, on Computer Graphics..) which aims are to allow researchers to exploit at best the most advances computing tools and systems in their scientific activity.