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RAP: RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline, a new cloud-based NGS web application


D'Antonio M (Cineca); De Meo, P (Cineca); Pallocca M; Picardi E; D'Erchia AM; Calogero RA; Castrignano T (Cineca); Pesole G

Through a user friendly web interface, the RAP workflow can be suitably customized by the user and it is automatically executed on our cloud computing environment. This strategy allows to access to bioinformatics tools and computational resources without specific bioinformatics and IT skills. RAP provides a set of tabular and graphical results that can be helpful to browse, filter and export analyzed data, according to the user needs.

Volume: 16  Supplement: 6
Article Number: S3
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-16-S6-S3
Published: JUN 1 2015