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3-day workshop whose aim is to introduce CFD researchers to use OpenFOAM suite for developing and optimize CFD applications running on HPC systems.
Stick-and-ball picture of two silicon nanocrystals, each with a size of few nanometers. According to quantum mechanics, an electron can spread over several nanocrystals (green surface, results of a computational study). When this happens, an effect called space separated quantum cutting can become relevant, yielding to higher photoconversions properties
Thanks to numerical simulations, scientists have investigated the role of nanoparticle interplay on the carrier multiplication dynamics of 2 interacting silicon nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications. Results provide theoretical foundations to recent experimental observations in the field of silicon-based photovoltaics and can foster the development of nanostructured 3rd-generation solar cells
Bringing CAE apps to HPC platforms! CINECA now at "Business improvement by performance simulation in A&D" - October 11/12 - Italia, Naples, Accademia Aeronautica
A course specific for learning the use of FERMI, our new BG/Q system, is scheduled for October 15 at CINECA. Registration is now open.
Building Blocks of Data Infrastructures Organization: EUDAT Project, 22-24 October 2012
On October 3rd Francesco Profumo, Minister of University and Research, officially inaugurated FERMI, the new Italian supercomputer, ranked at the 7th position in the June12 Top500
On October 3rd at 11.30 Francesco Profumo, Minister of University and Research, will be at Cineca for the official inauguration of the FERMI supercomputer, ranked at the 7th position in the June12 Top500.
The 6th PRACEall for proposals for Project Access (Tier-0) opened on 18 September 2012
Some adjustments were applied to the PRACE Calls for Proposals dates. Please consider this new schedule when planning your future submission!