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EUDAT project's aim is to contribute to the production of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI). The target is to provide a pan-European solution to the challenge of data proliferation in Europe's scientific and research communities.
In this new important project (funded by the EC – DG Connect, former INFSO), which prime objective is to establish an EU-US coordination platform to improve the interoperability of today’s and tomorrow’s scientific data infrastructures on both continents, CINECA is responsible for the collaboration of European and US partners in the field of the solid Earth Science.
INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) and CINECA have signed a framework collaboration agreement on high performance scientific computing for high-energy and nuclear physics.
PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, providing a persistent world-class HPC service for scientists and researchers from academia and industry) and XSEDE launch a call for Expressions of Interest for Joint Access by International Teams
BlueGene/Q is confirmed as the the most "green" HPC architecture. The June 2012 Green500, the list of the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world, sees BlueGene systems in the first 20 positions.
Top500 published on June 18: Italy makes its debut in the top 10 with the BlueGene/Q system installed at CINECA. The system is at No. 7 on the list with 1.72 Pflop/s performance.
Recognizing the importance of High Performance Computing for the development of Europe, major suppliers of HPC technologies have created an ETP for HPC and released the ETP’s Vision document to improve Europe’s position in the domain of HPC technologies. The ETP4HPC expects to be recognised as the ETP referenced by EC and complements the research capacities created through PRACE.
PRACE proudly announces the 4 European systems ranked in the top 10 of the Top500 list: SuperMUC at #4, FERMI at #7, JUQUEEN at #8 and CURIE thin nodes at #9.