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The 13th call has been completed. CINECA offered 665 million compute core hours on new Tier-0 system Marconi, composed of 2 partitions, one based on Intel Broadwell processors and one based on Intel KNL many-core processors. The 30 awarded projects are led by principal investigators from 9 different European countries. Next 14th PRACE call for Project Access will open on 5th October.
An all-Italian partnership between ENEA and CINECA has been selected by EUROfusion, the European Consortium for the development of fusion energy, to deliver high-performance computing and data storage to support European research on fusion.
Researchers of the Universities and Research Centers based in Lombardy are invited to submit scientific projects in order to receive High Performance Resources and specialized support. The proposals are eligible from any scientific discipline. Deadline: 30th September 2016
The first Open Call for Fortissimo2 has been completed. Ten new industrial experiments were selected, three of them having Cineca as reference partner.
Two students spent two months of the summer (July / August) at Cineca, where they worked on PRACE visualization projects. Watch Summer of HPC video presentations at Cineca
CINECA invites all interested scientists, whose projects fit the criteria of the PRACE call, to submit their projects. Preparatory access is intended for testing and developing codes in order to prepare applications for PRACE Tier-0 project access. Preparatory Access Type C includes code development with support from PRACE experts. The next cut-off date is September 15th, 2016.
The new CINECA Tier-0 cluster, Marconi, starts its production phase today, Monday July 4th. It gives the scientific community access to a technologically advanced, energy-efficient HPC solution.
Call for ISCRA class B projects are open. Class B projects can request from 200 Thousand and 2 Million total CPU hours on the MARCONI machine. Maximum duration: 12 months. Deadline: July the 15th 2016
Three Cineca systems Fermi, Marconi and Galileo are ranked in the June 2016 Top500 list. In this list are ranked 5 Italian systems, 3 by Cineca and 2 by ENI, but these system are managed by Cineca too.
Lenovo at ISC unveiled a new technical framework for integrating its advanced server and storage portfolio with technologies from industry-leading partners to create powerful High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. Lenovo showcased the first deployment using this framework: the “MARCONI” Supercomputer for Cineca.