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Valeria Fedeli, Minister of University and Research, at Cineca for the inauguration of MARCONI


On May 8th Valeria Fedeli, Minister of University and Research, was at Cineca for the official inauguration of the MARCONI supercomputer, ranked at the 12th position in the November16 Top500 list.

MARCONI is "a great Italian pride" and "a model for Italy" sayd Minister Valeria Fedeli.

MARCONI is one of the PRACE Tier-0 systems and is available to Italian and European researchers since summer 2016.

MARCONI is the new Tier-0 system that replaced FERMI in July 2016. It is based on the LENOVO NeXtScale platform and the next generation of the Intel Xeon Phi product family. It will gradually be completed in about 12 months: the first partition (Marconi-A1) with Intel Broadwell is into production from July the first, 2016, the second partition (Marconi-A2) with Intel KnightsLanding is into production from January, 2017.
Marconi is classified in Top500 list among the most powerful supercomputer: Marconi-A1 rank 46 in June 2016 and Marconi-A2 rank 12 in November 2016.

Videos and further info about the event are available here (in Italian)