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HPC-Europa3 aims at maintaining the persistency of a high-quality service of transnational access to the most advanced HPC infrastructures available in Europe for the European research science community
The 2017 training calendar is on-line. Training events are free of charge, and some of them are sponsored by PRACE, so some grants may be available.
An all-Italian partnership between ENEA and CINECA has been selected by EUROfusion, the European Consortium for the development of fusion energy, to deliver high-performance computing and data storage to support European research on fusion.

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Cardamone, F; Iacovelli, F; Chillemi, G (Cineca); Falconi, M; Desideri, A.

The human sterile alpha motif SAM and HD domain-containing protein 1 (SAMHD1) restricts in non-cycling cells type the infection of a large range of...


Battisti, A; Ciasca, G; Grottesi, A (Cineca); Tenenbaum, A.

Globular denatured proteins have structural properties similar to those of random coils. Experiments on denatured proteins have shown that when the temperature is...


Capranico, G; Marinello, J; Chillemi, G (Cineca)

DNA topoisomerases constitute a large family of enzymes that are essential for all domains...